There's a new Doge Cat in town.

$kitty is the native token underlying a multifaceted, character-centric ecosystem that aims to bring the satire and community orientation of 'meme coins' into the metaverse through the creation of the interactive virtual being logo character Kitty Inu, and an NFT-based, free-to-play, and play-and-earn game.

In the year 2021, “meme coins”, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, dominated conversations and became one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies for investors, serving as the first point of contact for most of the new digital asset enthusiasts entering the space. Inspired by the global popularity of “meme coin” phenomena, the Kitty Inu project was created with the intention to bring this satire into the emerging play-and-earn gaming and metaverse sectors of cryptocurrency innovation.

The Origin Story.

In the year 2021, The Shiba Inus took over the cryptoverse, threatening a world in which Kitties once reigned supreme. Kitty Inu, returns to take back her rightful place in the Inuverse, and establish a new era called 9VRSE.

Join Kitty on the journey.

KittyKart Beta Release

Kitty Kart

Serious, fun.

$kitty is the native currency of an NFT-based, Free-To-Play (F2P), Play-And-Earn (P&E) racing game, KittyKart , being built on the Ethereum blockchain where players race karts to “mine” NFT assets. Through continued game play, mined NFT assets confer either skillset advantages or enhancements to visual appearance. Assets can either be “mined” - i.e. earned - (F2P) through game play or purchased on the secondary market via the in game marketplace. Assets bought and sold (P&E) via the in game marketplace are done so via the native $kitty token.


One Trillion Max Supply
Max Supply is the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.
Total Supply
Total Supply is the total amount of coins in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned).
Circulating Supply
Circulating Supply is the number of coins that are circulating in the market and in the general public's hands.
Current Marketcap
Current market cap is calculated as the current price x circulating supply.

Fair Launch

We believe in a fair launch process. This means prior to our token launch, there were NO presales, NO preferential tokens, NO venture capital, and adequate notice regarding launch time and date was provided publicly to anyone interested in purchasing the $kitty token.

Safe & Secure 


With a recent study showing up to 73% of new token launches on PancakeSwap turning out to scams, our launch was designed with buyer concerns around safety and security in mind. The liquidity pool tokens for Uniswap have been burned and those for PCS have been locked for two years on  Additionally, our contract has been audited by both Certik and InterFi verifying that transfers can never be disabled.

No Team Tokens

The project generates revenue via 8% tax on every transfer event (buy, sell, and wallet to wallet sending). This innovative way to fund the development, marketing, and operations costs associated with the project ensures the core team can deliver on its aspirations for the kitty ecosystem without soliciting individuals or entities for start up funding who may not have best interests of the project at heart or be forced to sell allocated team tokens against the project in order to fund it. 

Kitty Tax

0 %
The Kitty Inu Project is a proud pioneer of a fee-on-transfer ("tax") model to support 100% of project costs. Traditionally, cryptocurrency projects are funded by venture capital firms, private sale rounds, team tokens, or a combination of the three. Acknowledging the problematic nature "team allocations", which force those most passionate about the project to sell against it to pay for their livelihoods, and the risk of accepting start up capital from individuals or entities who may not act in the best interest of the project in the long term, the team at Kitty Inu saw "taxes" as an innovative way to avoid both scenarios and create a project for and fully funded by the community. An 8% fee applies to all transfer events*. This fee supports marketing, development, operational costs, liquidity provisions on decentralized exchanges, legal fees related to the project, and centralized exchange listing fees.

*When purchasing please set your slippage to 12%-15%. Please note that the tax occurs within the smart contract transfer function. This function is evoked by decentralized exchanges on buys and sells, as well as wallets when doing wallet to wallet transfers. We do not have ability to distinguish between the origins of the function call so the transfer tax will apply to all. Please purchase $kitty in the wallet you intend to store it in to avoid a tax on inter-wallet transfers

Token Distribution


Decentralized Exchange Liquidity

The $kitty token is currently available for sale on both Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This percentage represents the total amount of $kitty tokens that were paired with either Ethereum or BNB and added to the liquidity pools on either Uniswap or PancakeSwap, respectively. These tokens are fully circulating. 


Team.Finance Locked

28% of the total supply (1T) on is locked on to be used for liquidity provisions for future centralized exchange listings. These tokens unlock monthly and are used if a CEX listing application has been approved that requires a liquidity provision or are relocked for an additional month if no CEX listing has been approved or no liquidity provision is required. These tokens are NOT team tokens. They are only to be used to provide what is necessary to a CEX to list the token. In the event too many tokens have been held back for this purpose, the excess will be burned. These tokens are NOT circulating. 


Burned by Antibot

In order to provide a truly fair launch and prevent front running on the decentralized exchanges, two antibot measures are implemented in our token smart contract. The first is a hardcoded list of 28 addresses known to be associated with automated buying/selling. These 28 addresses can purchase the token, but they are prevented from ever transferring it to another wallet or selling it from their wallet. The second measure is a feature that if a single wallet address sends two transactions to the contract in the same block (which is indicative of using automation), they would be added to the list of addresses that could no longer sell nor transfer the token.  The 12% here represents the amount of tokens bought by addresses flagged by one of the antibot measures. These tokens should be considered burned as they cannot be sold nor moved. 


Burned by Development Team

Multiple token burns by the team have occurred up to this point. These tokens were burned with the intention of maintaining our statements around not having team tokens and only ever using tokens obtained via buybacks from the ‘tax wallet’ or from the unlocks for liquidity provisions. In certain circumstances, the team realized either too much was bought back for a specific listing or too much had been locked at the start for future listings and burned the excess. This percentage represents the excess tokens burned. 

Audits & KYC.

Certik is the leading verification platform to examine smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. They completed a full security assessment of Kitty Inu's Ethereum token smart contract on December, 23rd 2021. The assessment found no critical vulnerabilities in the contract code.

InterFi provides blockchain security and assessment services. They completed a full security assessment of Kitty Inu's Ethereum token smart contract on October, 29th 2021. The assessment found no critical vulnerabilities in the contract code.

InterFi also completed a KYC verification of the lead developer and CEO of Kitty Inu on October, 29th 2021.


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Strategic Alliances & Partnerships.

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